They call me indecisive, but I’m really not sure…

So, here it comes. Will I blog over the summer holidays?

To be honest…I really don’t know (hence the title).

But I MIGHT. It’s a possibility. Over the summer I barely write and the internet with me is STRICTLY for fanfiction, vidding, tumblr-ing and IM-ing…but I might log in once in a while and tell you how life’s going. I mean, I am going to my mom’s hometown in Philippines to ride horses & shop. Oh and the new Harry Potter movie coming out this summer (July 15), what is there NOT to blog about?

We’ll see how it goes. I have to be inspired to do stuff on the internet sometimes. But for now…

Summer, please come.

Yong Min’s blog

Well, I have to say that I loved this blog. The heading, “I want to sleep” with the “5 more minutes zzz” perfectly explains most people in the morning (with the exception of morning people…)

As I traveled around his blog, I noticed that the black theme really suits it. I have to say that it is very well-updated and I love how the posts are written. The widgets are pretty cool and I had fun with them, but they did not seem to take my attention away from the posts. Overall I think this is a nice, very well-updated and wonderful blog to read.

You  can visit it now over here.

Mary’s Blog

I have visited Mary (who is my classmate)’s blog and I have to say that it really is entertaining. the theme was really fun and the posts where very exciting and upbeat to read. The widgets were pretty fun too, but I have to say that not 23 widgets are needed — it could distract the reader from really nice and well-written posts.

My favorite posts from Mary can be found here and here.

I like Mary’s blog also because it is very educational with plenty of facts about animals. However, I would like to see her post something a bit different…just to get a taste of what else she likes (:

That’s it for now. For those of you who haven’t visited Mary’s blog…What are you still doing here??!

Stay tuned; I will post my peer edit on Yong Min’s blog soon…when I can find the time (:


This is for the Student Blogging Challenge.

I have 13 posts on my blog. Only 1 is an unnecessary post that I created just for the heck of it (and it was fun, too!). You can visit that one over here.

In total I have 10 comments (all approved) with 4 from overseas people, 1 from Ms W. The rest are from my school here in Vietnam.

The post that had the most comments would have to be the “Why You should visit my Blog” one. I think people wanted to know what my blog was about, and that’s what attracted them.

My favorite one to write was the “About Me” post. It felt nice to let all of it out and tell people about myself (:

I don’t have a lot of widgets except the Globe because I feel it would distract readers from my blog…

I have a link to an interesting blog (overseas) on my blog roll.


This is for the Student blogging challenge.

I really do enjoy this thing on YouTube called “vidding”.

I don’t know when it was invented, or who invented it, or even the term, but I know that is one of the best things out there that I thoroughly enjoy. It’s when you make videos, or tributes of your favorite movie, couple, celebrity inspiration, ANYTHING and make a video about it. You can visit my YouTube account where I “vid” here.

Things I “vid” pretty much vary. I do movies, couples, and inspirations at times. Something you vid is called a fandom. You may have heard this term used in fanfiction – in other words, it is a title of a certain series, movie, or whatever with a fan base. Examples include the Harry Potter fandom, the Narnia fandom, the Hunger Games fandom, etc. It usually has a large fan base.

Anyway I really enjoy “vidding” because when I’m feeling sad, I can make a dark video, or happy, a silly video, or angry, a video full of rage/hate. Remember that these are all based on story lines of other fandoms (:

My favorite song

This is for the Student Blogging Challenge.

Well, as I am a music lover and I have tons of favorite songs, this is a hard thing to do…But I’ve narrowed down my absolute favorite. I’ve got about 150 songs on my iPod (I restarted my collection in the beginning of 2011 as a New Year’s Resolution).

OK so, moment of truth….DRUMROLL PLEASE!

Favorite song is O Children by Nick Cave from his album, Abattoir Blues & The Lyre Of Orpheus. The song is absolutely beautiful and the lyrics will tug on your heart strings. I began listening to it when I was looking up news for the newest and most recent Harry Potter film, and found this song to be on the soundtrack. I love the Harry Potter soundtrack but most of it includes instrumentals and beats, never vocals, so I thought this would be pretty interesting/ new. I completely praise the producer’s choice to use this song, especially in the film because I think it is fairly accurate to what is going on in the plot line. If you haven’t heard the song, I recommend it and you can listen to it here.

Nick Cave in concert

Original Image: “nick cave and the bad seeds” by auspices

a Post in another Language.

Hi, ang aking pangalan ay Mithi at post na ito ay sa tagalog para sa mga mag-aaral na hamon ng blogging. Ang aking ina ay Filipino kaya ko korte na ito ay isang masinteresante post kaysa sa paggamit ng Ingles (ang aking ama‘s mula sa States). Ang katotohanan ay na ko maintindihan ng maraming Filipino salita ngunit hindi talaga akomakapagsulat sa Tagalog o magsalita ito (hindi ko magkaroon ng isang accent!) kaya ko korte na may tulong ang aking ina at ang paggamit ng isang translator ay gawin angbilis ng kamay. Kaya ako hulaan na ang mga ito, pagkatapos. Kung may anumang mgaPilipino sa labas doon sa pagbabasa na ito, sorry kung ito ay mahirap na maunawaan,dahil sa pangkalahatan, ang aking Tagalog ay hindi na mabuti!