This is for the Student Blogging Challenge.

I have 13 posts on my blog. Only 1 is an unnecessary post that I created just for the heck of it (and it was fun, too!). You can visit that one over here.

In total I have 10 comments (all approved) with 4 from overseas people, 1 from Ms W. The rest are from my school here in Vietnam.

The post that had the most comments would have to be the “Why You should visit my Blog” one. I think people wanted to know what my blog was about, and that’s what attracted them.

My favorite one to write was the “About Me” post. It felt nice to let all of it out and tell people about myself (:

I don’t have a lot of widgets except the Globe because I feel it would distract readers from my blog…

I have a link to an interesting blog (overseas) on my blog roll.

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